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About Wankei...

你好 Hello, this is Wankei Leung, 26, born and raised in Canton, the third largest city of mainland China (officially replaced by recent name Guangzhou). I am a graduate of Chinese Linguistics and Digital Humanities, rather introverted, prefer individual activities especially collecting postcards, stamps, CDs, vinyl records, and of course purchasing them as well.

Postcards I would like to receive from you if available:
- A NORMAL postcard WITHOUT envelope
- A FROG WITH GLASSES, or any other frogs or toads (mad about these creatures and I would prefer them to be less cartoonised).
- Traditional costumes, especially if you are from
Ukraine / Estonia / Latvia / Russia / Iran / India / Thailand /
Korea / Britain / Ireland / Israel )
- Tile arts, ceramic artifacts and architectural decorations of Persia, Portugal&Spain, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria or other Arabic countries
- “Amazing Thailand” / “How To Be British” / “Where's Wally?”
- Maximum Card (First day of issue)
- PHQ Cards from the UK
- Traditional Patterns, fabrics (Estonia/Latvia/Slavic/Aborigines/Islamic) / Handicrafts / Musical instruments
- Islamic architectures / Mediterranean architectures
- Works of Antoni Gaudí
- Paintings / Installation artworks
- Cathedral windows / Rose windows
- Science / Geometry / Astronomy / Chemistry related
- Spiral things / stairs / snails / conches
- Theatrical and Dance Photography
- “Lawrence of Arabia”
- Classic Volkswagen Microbus, Beetle or Mini Cooper
- Flowers or maps from different states of America
- Sherlock Holmes / Mr. Bean
- Natural views, especially Aurora Borealis or views of mountainous areas
- Frogs&toads!! / Primate (monkey,chimpanzee,orangutan) / Lizard, Chameleon / Crane / Peacock / Ostrich / Nestling / Camel / Turtle
- Museum or gallery exhibits
- 國畫 / 博物館展品

****** IF POSSIBLE, PLEASE ******
I would be extremely happy to receive a postcard of still or publicity photo of the following
Actors - MICHAEL CAINE, Peter O'Toole, Colin Firth
or musicians - Simon&Garfunkle, Elton John, Sting, Pet Shop Boys, The Smiths, 盧冠廷, 區瑞強, 費玉清, 許冠傑

- Or check my favourites here - http://www.postcrossing.com/user/leungwk/gallery/favourites
- Appreciate any postcard I receive, but prefer NOT to get the ones with Barbies, Hello Kitty, home-bred pets or any girlish illustrations and comics, thank you. Don't forget with words in your own language, every language is a wonderful gift.

Please do forgive this prolixity and HAPPY POSTCROSSING ! ζ8v)

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