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About Lena...

I'M BACK!!! 🎉
Hi, my name is Lena!
I am 18 years old. I live in Ukraine, Kyiv. I want to share and send postcards all over the world :) I think it's very interesting!

I have not been for a long time, but I really missed :(
For a while, while I was gone, I managed to finish school and go to university. I study on the TV presenter and the director.
I used to play vocals and chorus, but due to lack of time I had to leave. I have my favorite dog Yorkshire Terrier - Lusia and another huge alabai - Lucia (in Italian).
I would like to travel a lot, be photographed against the background of all the sights of the world, and I believe that it will be so. And you believe in your dreams! They have a property to come true, I promise :)

I created an advertisement about postcrossing. Look, friends - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDEqXlFEygw

Do not limit yourself when you choose me a postcard. Improvise! But if you need inspiration, can you send me:
• I greet the postcards with the image of your country or city. It's so interesting!
• sea
• plane
• Night city
• beautiful sunsets
• metro
• football stadiums
• rent card - "Happy postcrossing"
• royal family of Great Britain
• maxicard (or maximum card). It's card relating to a stamp affixed to the picture side of it.
• anything related to Eurovision
• Olympic Games
• St. Isaac's Cathedral (Russia)

You can see what cards I like in my "favorites".
Pretty or interesting stamps on the postcard would be wonderful! I love stamps!
Do not send a postcard in the envelope! I ask only that the adhesive label on the map and write to the card too :)
it is not necessary to send me postcards low quality advertising.

However, all the cards are welcomed and appreciated.
Thank you! With love, Lena 🎀

If you are on Instagram, take a peek into my world:


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