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About Helen...

Hello my Postcrossing friends!

My name is Helen. I live in England in large town about 25 miles (40km) north of London called Hemel Hempstead. We moved here in 1997 and consider ourselves very lucky to live where we do - close enough to London to be able to enjoy everything the city has to offer but just a few minutes drive from the gorgeous English countryside. I'm married and have a daughter who works in the city of London and an 18-year-old son who is a musician.

I work as a freelance marketing copywriter and certified Google SEO marketer. Check me out here:

Having been a Postcrosser for several years now and exchanged over 3,000 cards, I've decided to focus on collecting cards on a few specific themes:-

Anything to do with
- Swimming, swimmers, swimming pools or beaches, swimming costumes & fashions, competitions, etc
- Books, libraries, reading, writing, authors
- Beautiful photography on any subject
- Inspirational quotes to help with my writing!

This is only a request so otherwise anything quirky or unusual would be especially welcome - don't hold back! You know that card you've had for ages that just won't suit anyone's else's profile? Send it to me! My favourites wall will give you a clue, it's a combination of cards I've received and cards I've seen in the Gallery. Don't worry if you send me a duplicate - it's YOUR words that will make it unique. Ad cards, homemade cards are both fine too. Stickers, washi tape, cartoons, sketches - whatever you like - go nuts! I love to see your creative side :)

BUT I promise I will love anything you choose! I prefer original cards with stamps and NOT in an envelope please (this is a postcard swapping site after all), and please write a message on the card - a joke, a quotation, a line from your favourite book etc. When I get a card with no message it makes me feel a little bit sad... :( I mean, what's the point, right? Even if it's a message in your own language I don't mind - it will be fun to try and translate! Don't know what to write? Just tell me what makes you happy :)

In these difficult times, with so much death, destruction and hatred around the world, I believe it is up to ordinary individuals like us to reach out the hand of friendship and peace. Here - take mine, I can't wait to meet you!

Helen xx

PS: MAGDALENA from Poland: I received your card ref PL-1298645 on 18/12/2017 but as this ID is over a year old I'm unable to register it. :(
PPS: Alexandra from Germany: I received your card ref DE-5484678 on 24/7/2019 but as the ID is over a year old I'm unable to register it :(

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