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About Daniela...

My birthday is on May 18th!!!!!

I really LOVE Stamps, so please try to use as many as possible stamped in the card :P
(I'm collecting unused sheets and minisheets) ^^
I love gifts so if you are feeling kind just sent me something (hopefully unused stamps hehehe) ^^

My address:
Daniela Valentini
El Toqui 1663, Las condes
7571185 Santiago

Please only handwritten addresses and text... don't like printed text...
Postcards i would LOVE to receive [Sorry if i'm too picky]:

● GOTOCHI postcards. Please please please !!!!! (Missing all Gifu, Akita, Yamagata, Fujushima)
● Whomails
● Shaped cards ♥
● Maxi-cards
● Doctor Who (specially the tenth), Disney, cartoon, christmas, Anime and Hobbit STAMPS
● ANIME + COMICS + MANGA [LOVE Chobits, Sailor Moon, Death Note, Ghost in the Shell, MARVEL, DC, X-men, Disney princesses, Miyasaki, etc.]
● ART [MARK RYDEN!!! Gerhard Richter, Mucha, Erte. Modern and Contemporary Art, photography art, POP art, ART NOUVEAU, conceptual art, collages, illustration, abstract, japanese art, etc]
● PIN-UP's [i LOVE sexy calendar girl illustrations, specially Gil Elvgreen]
● NOUVELLE IMAGES [like objects or weird stuff, postcards with old stuff, telephones, weird places, windows, chairs, shoes, stamps, signs, colors, food, pencils, tattoos, etc]
● Flora and Fauna [specially Felines, cute animals or Orchids]
● Digital art & Illustrations (like the one you find in DeviantArt website, also love Victoria Frances and Luis Royo)
● HALLOWEEN or cute, Kawaii stuff, also Flowers [halloween is cute for me :P, also themed postcards would be amazing too: valentine's, x-mas, easter, etc]
● MOVIE & Music postcards [i love european metal groups like Lacuna Coil, Nightwish with Tarja, Within Temptation, Epica most of all; and movies? just make it a good postcard, also famous actors or actresses]
● if you send something from your country make it unforgetable because im not that fond of view cards :P
● Please NO ADvertising postcards

follow me in instagram: @kthrinita ♥

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