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About Annett...

I am a mother of a teenage daughter and an adult son. I'm owned by two cute cats. I like to learn and work with different crafting techniques - at the moment I prefer patchwork, quilting and sewing, but did also knitting, crocheting, felting... card-weaving, bobbin-lace, working with soap- and sandstone and soap-making . There are many other things to like in this world (and often not enough time to try it all)! Ilove to visit museums or exhibitions. I like literature and theatre (that's why one of my cats is named Pinter).
Every postcard you choose is welcome, also selfmade ones. If you want to choose something special for me it would be nice if you send a postcard with a picture of a handcraft-technique or something with sheep or wool.

Special Project:

I DO IT AGAIN: After finishing my first POSTCROSSING QUILT in January 2015 (look at the postcrossing blog post: ) I start a new one... I collect fabrics now and will start sewing AS soon as I find an inspiration and enough time. If you would like to be a part of thr new quilt, please send me a piece of fabric (100 % cotton, size doesn't matter). THANK YOU!
01/2015_ROHTOLA, Finland
01/2015_SoBouclette, France
01/2015_Forestchapel80, NL
01/2015_nadio, France
02/2015_BPLUM, US
02/2015_baidan, NL
02/2015_Mariannar, NL
02/2015_Kilona, Finland
02/2015_SlvrBlu, US
02/2015_dianeke, US
02/2015_beachgrl2015, US
02/2015_nehalennia, NL
02/2015_starsister, DE
02/2015_kokkikakkonen, FI
02/2015_stefanieDhea, ID
03/2015_nepermhome, US
03/2015_Yulietosh, DE
03/2015_stephnie, ZA
03/2015_Hedera, NL
03/2015_ilamoore US
04/2015_whodalalee, CA
04/2015_islander61, BS
05/2015_galini, RU
05/2015_Elstelle_Hale, SG
06/2015_Alenkiy, BY
10/2015_cathimanchester, US

I got also fabrics from some blogging friends. Meanwhile I decided to sew a very scrappy quilt. After the theme of the first one was "postcards" I have chosen "stamps" for the new one. I'll start sewing soon - and it will take a while. Thank you all for the wonderful fabrics. I got no fabrice from South Amerika so far...


I DID IT: From October 2013 until January 2015 I had a special Postcrossing project: a quilt with fabrics from postcrossing members - it is finished now and you can all read about it on my blog:
I received fabrics from:
10/2013_MidiAnna, Moscow, Russia
16/11/13_Vicaeci, Hungary
12/12/13_Yulietosh, Germany
11/01/14_Forestchapel80, NL
11/01/14_Jasnaa, Slovenia
18/01/14_Bibiche, France
25/01/14_Geessie from NL
28/01/14_Joeynew from UA
03/02/14_KMAN from PL
27/02/14_emaone from TR
19/03/14_again emaone from TR
22/03/14_oreanda06 from RU
28/03/14_kristina_21 from RU
07/04/14_Verdigris from South Africa
25/07/14_nyassa from GB
23/08/14_Miez92 from NL

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