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About Pamela...

*I often pictures of my postcards to help keep track of what I sent out, should any go astray/lost and also so that if I ever get the same person twice I don't send them identical cards. please don't delete my images from your end of cards received. thank you*

I like any and all postcards, but enjoy ones that have drawings, illustrations, photographs, manga/comic book style artwork, art works or more unusual images best! or even hand made ones if you're feeling creative!

I'm a bit of a geek and I love to read comics/manga/graphic novels as well as milder horror novels. I like to go to conventions so I can meet my favourite actors, I collect all sorts of junk, slight hello kitty obsession, also love Miffy so postcards with them on will be very much loved!

I love films/tv shows with vampires in them like buffy, angel, vampire diaries, true blood, twilight etc. I also really enjoy Glee, legend of the seeker and Being Human, so its not all just vampires I watch! :) I love animals and like to collect bat toys (rubber or soft toy).

I always on the look out for new cards to send to people, so some of them come from the cinema (which are free) or trade shows instead of more usual places like shops. sometimes I like to add stickers to the back of them, as I think it brightens up the blank spaces!

I'm an artist and my speciality is computer aided design. I even have postcards with my work on them so you may find some of those around too! Anything you want to know, just ask!

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