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About Birger...

Dear postcrosser,

I´m happy about any postcard, keep this hobby easy!

1st of all, my mother Ursula will be 80 y.o. on the 14th of July. It would be great if you send her a birthday card. She loves cats, making marmalade/jam, Hydrangeas are her favs., she worked as a dressmaker in Krefeld´s theatre, does 2x a week workout, actually, she wants to buy a new car, perhaps an E-car. I´ll collect the cards till her birthday.
Thank´s a lot in advance!!!!!!

If you think you´ve found the right card for me, no need to check my received and favs!!! I´ll favourite a motive for more than 1 time!!!

For our British European, try all to stay in the EU. I´m not amused!!!

Feel free to tell me anything you want or a simple `Hello` is also ok. For the registration, please write the ID 2 times and not near the postal stamps on the card!!
Please don´t write "Mr. Schröder", I´m just Birger for everyone!!!!

"Thank-a-postman-day", 4th February, worldwide annually!!

If you like, you can send me a birthday pc in Feb.
space (astronomy)
Science Fiction, science stuff and (fractals are very nice!!)
cemeteries/graveyards, skulls, death, zombies, lost places or melancholic
Minions, Irinia Zeniuks Blue Cat, Kotovasya, Picatso and other cats anyway but please not Rosina Wachtmeister
funny stuff is also very welcome (black humour is the best)
If nothing fits, surprise me ;))

Heavy Metal, Rock, the good old ´60th & ´70th Rock Music
Current favourite song: Fiddler on the Deck by Nightcore

My fav. movies are The Big Lebowski, Catch 22, Silent Running, Dr Strangelove, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Soylent Green, Alien, Dark Star, Gran Torino, Star Wars.....& (Horror/Splatter)
Books: Needful Things, It, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Terry Pratchett, SF & short stories
Cartoons by Gary Larson, Walter Moers, Perscheid, Holtschulte, Ruthe...& (black) humour.
I got an augmented reality postcard (RU-6581860), download the app "A separate reality" and point the camera on the pic. It works also with the postcard on your monitor. Please send me more of this stuff!!!

Please do not cover the original writing on the back side with washis or, except it is an unimportant advert.
Don´t worry if I delete your uploaded pic, I don´t like blurry pics and flashlight reflections. I´ll upload your pc as a scan, perhaps 1-2 days later. 100%!!

Thx in advance,
Don´t panic, happy hunting and
Happy postcrossing
Birger (male form of Birgit)

Did you know:
You should never register a Postcard ID of a postcard you have not received.
Thanks `postcrossing´ for this statement!

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