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About Kurt...

I enjoy cycling, running, movies, photography and web development with Drupal (awfully specific, I know). I grew up in Canada when I was very young but moved to the USA in my teens.

Some of my favorite cards are:
- cycling/Tour de France/Pro Tour
- Asterix & Obelix/Peanuts/cartoons in general
- medieval architecture
- art
- beautiful landscapes
- maps

Regardless, I will enjoy whatever you mail--it's the thought that counts. Connecting to people using both the internet and postal services is pretty amazing.

I'm looking forward to traveling more and seeing your postcards is helping me learn about all the great places in the world.

Please send the postcard written and stamped without envelope and please add the date. It would be very nice if you could write something in your language and script (a translation would be helpful too). Thanks!

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