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Дорогая Наташа из города Порту! Я получила вашу открытку, но на ней нет идентификатора и сайт не может её найти по тем признакам, что я смогла указать. Напишите мне, пожалуйста, личное сообщение, чтобы я могла зарегистрировать вашу открытку. Заранее спасибо!
I'm sorry I don't register postcard if I don't receive it.
Russian mail often loses letters and postcards. Approximately every 15th my postcard on Russia is lost. Sometimes postcards to other countries are lost too. If my postcard is lost, I just send the second one. Once the recipient received two of my cards and he sent one in return. I think it's good practice. But if you think differently, I understand and accept any of your decisions.
My name's Kate, I'm from Perm - it is a big city in Russia, near the Ural Mountains.
I work as Senior Lecturer in Perm State University and as a programmer.

I'll be happy if you scan your postcard before sending, but if you don't do it, I scan it myself. I scan all postcards 2 or 3 times in year. I delete photos or bad scans when I register card. Do not get upset if this happens. Over time, I will scan the postcard and upload it again :)

I like
- reading (phantasy),
- cats =^_^=
- computer games,
- table games,
- embroidery,
- some logical puzzles.

I like postcards
- fantasy,
- space (cosmos),
- Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Marvel/DC heroes
- computer, PC, programming,
- science,
- board games
- New Year and other holidays,
- Keep calm...,
- animals (especially cats, wolves, foxes),
- people in traditional dress,
- landscape,
- beautiful man or woman,
- beautiful cards :)
If possible some specifics from specific places:
- [JAPAN] - anime,
- [CHINA] - Chinese painting

I usually don't like
- multi-card (with multiple images),
- cards with sculptures, museums, historical places, etc.
- or cards with cityscape (except drawing)
Please send them to the people who enjoy them.

If possible use beautiful stamps.

If you do not know what to write, write proverbs, sayings, idiom, signs or something like that in their native language, a translation and what it means. I will be very happy to receive such card :)

Please write clearly date and your username (if it's possible).

Thanks in advance!

Best wishes, Kate.

Translated into Russian:

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