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About Kelly...

Hello! I live in Camrose, a small city in central Alberta. I enjoy hockey, baseball, reading crime novels and history books (especially military history), watching TV and movies, listening to all kinds of music, and playing the piano and the flute. I also enjoy beadwork - I make all kinds of jewellery, as well as French-beaded flowers.

I like all kinds of cards - handmade and ad cards are welcome too! But if you'd like some suggestions, here are some things I have a particular interest in:
- Famous landmarks/tourist destinations/historic sites/museums
- anything military/war related (battlefields, monuments, weapons, airplanes, vehicles, museums, propaganda posters, etc.)
- City views/street views/buildings
- Did You Know or similar fact-filled cards
- Coca-Cola
- Star Trek
- animals - I love them all! I have decided to make special collections of horses, squirrels, monkeys and apes, and wild cats (anyone have a snow leopard to send?)
- royalty
- James Dean, Elvis Presley
- American old west
- Route 66
- music (rock/pop/folk music from the 1960s & 1970s, and country music are my favorites, but I like all kinds of music), musical instruments, concert halls/theaters
- prisons & famous criminals
- sports & sports stadiums/arenas (I like most sports, but I love hockey the most, baseball is my other favorite)
- The Muppets, The Simpsons, Smurfs, Barbapapa, Tin Tin, Shaun the Sheep, Pingu, or show me your favorite cartoon characters
- vintage/older cards (used ones are welcome too!)

NORTH AMERICAN FRIENDS: I have a special wish - I am searching for vintage or vintage reprints of large letter cards - new or used. If you have some for trade, send me a message!

Reading what someone has written on the card is as much fun as the card itself - I'd love to hear about whatever is on the card, or tell me something about yourself! I also like interesting stamps.

I look forward to finding your postcard in my mailbox and learning about your part of the world!