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katiew, Hong Kong


(or Katie) is a member in Hong Kong . She has been a member for over 3 years (1,401 days).
1,122 sent 1,135 received

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Lat: 22.28, Lon: 114.17 | Google Maps

About Katie...

Please do check my received cards to avoid duplicates, thank you :)
Received cards and stamps:

--About me--
Hello :-)
I like travelling as I like to know more about the cultures of different countries, but currently I do not have enough money to reach every places in this world, so receiving your postcard can help me know more about the world or plan for my future journey!
I live with my family and 3 lovely turtles.

I do ballet(not dance very well:P) in leisure time. I also like hiking, drawing and collecting things, e.g. stamps, postcards...

--I'm interested in--
I'll be happy to receive view card of your country, and I also enjoy the cards in following themes:

- アンパンマン
- Albert Einstein
- Alice in Wonderland/Peter Pan/Pinnochio
- Aurora(Northern/Southern Lights)
- ちびまる子ちゃん
- Chihiro Iwasaki
- Christmas Market of your country
- Darth Vader and son/Vader's little princess by Jeffrey Brown
- Detective Conan
- Disneyland
- Doraemon
- Dreamcatcher
- Ever&Ein Studio
♥ ご当地フォルムカード/ポスト型はがき (Highly wanted! I know it costs much to buy and send this card, and I will be happy to send you a card back:))
♥ Greetings from...[sent from country of origin](Postallove-Ewa's design OR unofficial similar one)
♥ Harry Potter
- How To Be British
♥ Inge Löök
♥ Lali Riddle
♥ Lena Gnedkova
- Leonid Afremov
♥ Map card
♥ Marie Cardouat
♥ Maxicard
♥ Moomin
- National park in your country
♥ NI Multiples
- PHQ card
♥ (Current)Royal family
- Special-designed Postcrossing Meet-up card
- Starry sky
- Where's Wally?
- Card from Flickr fav.:
- Card from PC fav.:

There're some cards that I prefer NOT to receive:
- Ad card(廣告片) (Please save it to people who treasure it:))
- Erotic card
- Folded card(I'm not hating it, but this community is about exchanging postcards)

--Things to write-- (REMEMBER TO WRITE YOUR "NAME" AND "DATE"!)
I love to read the message at the back of the postcard, maybe you can tell me about your lives, introduce me your country's culture/good places/fun facts...anything you want to share with me :)

IF POSSIBLE, I would like to know what kind of thing(s) are you afraid of? It can be a person, living things, food, object...(no limits!) (if you're able to write it on the card)I just find this topic interesting to explore.

If you have time and you like to draw, please don't hesitate to draw on my card!

I'm collecting stamps and would like to see different stamps in your country, you will make me extra happy by putting nice/special stamp on the card.

Thank you for everyone who sent me great postcards and you all made my day :-D

Have a nice day!