kasiulekC, United Kingdom

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  • icon Interested in direct swaps
  • icon Polish, English, a bit German
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  • icon 11th February

About Kasia...

I am from Poland but have lived in Scotland since 2009. Love travelling, postcards, cycling and good books.
Send me whatever postcard you want but I really like:
- funny or unusual ones:))(different shapes of postcard too)
- as well as map cards

What you can write me on the postcard:
- what is your favourite place you have ever been
- what is your favourite book
- jokes:)
- if u were able to swap gender for one day (from boy to girl or frm girl to boy) what would be the first thing u do
-if u could chose one super power which one would that be
-what is your favourite food
- what is your biggest dream
- the most popular sayings from your country,etc.

P.S. Please do not send me postcards in an envelope. thanks.X

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