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I have recently returned to the UK after three years living in the Netherlands ( Hilversum) I am a mother of three children, two boys and a girl. I am 41 and am a teacher of History, Sociology and Politics.

I don't mind what you send me but something with a local flavour would be nice. ( mind you if you have any cards that are maps or sports stadiums and ferris wheels those would be great)

One small request please can you put on the date.

If you can- I love pretty stamps but having lived in Holland for three years I have realised that it is not always possible to find nice stamps

I used to have accounts for my children too but this has got a bit much. So if you want you can address the cards to Arthur and Nancy instead of me. ( they love it if the card come in an envelope with a leaflet or a ticket or sticker or something from your country - but only if it doesn't make it more expensive to post- that wouldn't be fair)

Thanks everyone

Karen, Arthur and Nancy Williams

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