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About Sparrow...

My name is Sparrow, in one of my tribes (Cherokee) it is Kalagvna (kah-lah-give-nawh); or you can just call me Bird!
I enjoy crafting, sketching & painting, reading, traveling, and music.
I also love spending time around any animals; but especially my pomsky puppy Kaiya Hoya.

Things I like:
Animals - Especially deer/fawns
Cemetery / Graveyard
Momento Mori / Victorian Era
Old architecture; victorian buildings, churches, abandoned places.
Strange/Unusual/Odd things
Pastel colors (my favorite colors are pastel pink and blue)
Stickers (any stickers!)
Holographic & glitter
Really, anything you find interesting I would love to see!

If you could please date your postcard I would very much appreciate it :)
Please write something about yourself - such as hobbies, what is new in your life, your favorite book, favorite band/musician, favorite animals.
I love seeing other peoples sketches/art so feel free to draw a little something if you wish!

Best Wishes!

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