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About Andrey_and_Maria...

Hello, we are Andrey and Maria from St. Petersburg, Russia. We both work in aviation, yet in different fields of servicing air traffic.

We enjoy travelling, nature, planes or anything connected to aviation (we collect planes models as well), photography, music, especially live, watching sports.

We understand that here you don't have to, but we always try to send people what they ask for, at least something mentioned in their wish list, and we appreciate very much if you do the same, if it's possible, of course!

Themes we like:
- aviation (planes, airports, air companies, technical side of it)
- maxicards
- photography (cameras, equipment, black & white)
- music (live concerts, guitar, piano, drums)
- Formula-1
- vintage or modern transport (cars, bikes, trains). Our little son loves tractors :D so if you happen to have one... he'd be very happy!
- New Zealand
- Iceland
- Game of Thrones (TV show and books)
- books (shelves, piles, open books, etc.)
- Star Wars
- Lego
- beer, whiskey
- retro posters (of American cities or states, for example)
- greetings from... series (we have Poland, Taiwan, Denmark, Finland, Germany)

These would make us really happy!☺

As for technical details
We like:
- standard size
- single view
- beautiful and unusual stamps (preferably EUROPA series stamps)
- your handwriting
- date when you sent it

We don't like:
- envelopes
- multi-view
- seasonal celebration postcards
- hand-made
- ad-related postcards (unless it's airline official ad)
Please, if possible, keep them for people who can actually appreciate them)

You can check our favorites (it's what we actually have already, if you want an idea of what we like).
If you don't know what to write, please tell us about yourself, your hobbies, pets, something that made you smile today, or movie that you watched recently.

Of course, we know that our post system sometimes has huge delays, please know that we register postcards immediately when we receive them!

Happy Postcrossing!

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RU-6363627 littlemyw from Macao 8/Mar/2018
RU-6393566 socke4444 from Germany 20/Mar/2018
RU-6394515 az159874 from Taiwan 21/Mar/2018
RU-6396117 dannycobussen from Netherlands 21/Mar/2018
RU-6459175 jp_abellera from Philippines 19/Apr/2018
RU-6478094 Beatles62 from Germany 29/Apr/2018
RU-6478097 QueenieDong from China 29/Apr/2018
RU-6571439 Xabbiy from Taiwan 11/Jun/2018
RU-6655385 Callisto3 from Belgium 18/Jul/2018
RU-6662461 wind_rei from China 22/Jul/2018
RU-6682442 graceryk from U.S.A. 31/Jul/2018
RU-6689573 suegathman from U.S.A. 3/Aug/2018