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About Jenny...

Hello there!

My name is Jenny and I'm 20 years old girl living in Finland. I moved to the capital of Finland, Helsinki, this summer and started studying Information Technology. I love receiving mail(no bills though:D)! My hobbies are snailmail, watching TV series(Western and Korean), listening to music and being on the computer. I also like languages and travelling. I visited China(Beijing, Xi'an, Nanjing and Shanghai) in June 2014 and it was the best trip I've ever been to. I want to return there some day and explore more of this country and culture!

I'll like almost any card you choose to send me but my favorite themes are:

✉ Illustrated Postcards
✉ Watercolor Postcards
✉ Elephant
✉ Panda
✉ Baby Penguin
✉ Donkey
✉ Jetoy cat
✉ Illustrated cats(No real cat cards)
✉ Military
✉ WW I&II era
✉ Any historical or cultural theme
✉ Vintage/retro
✉ Vintage/retro transportation,fashion,people
✉ Victorian Era(architecture,clothes,people,etc..)(preferably illustrated)
✉ Religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, Orthodox,,etc)
✉ Chinese Traditional architecture
✉ Illustrated architecture
✉ Vintage Adverts/posters
✉ Propaganda Adverts/posters (Soviet Union propaganda posters, Mao/Chinese propaganda posters)
✉ Titanic
✉ Sakura
✉ Night view
✉ Night sky(stars, the moon, polar lights, galaxy)
✉ Sunset/sunrise
✉ City/street view
✉ Big city at night
✉ Interesting landscape or landmarks
✉ People wearing Kimono or Hanbok
✉ Cards about my favorite k-pop groups: TVXQ and JYJ (my bias: Kim JaeJoong)
✉ Dumbo and other Disney Classics
✉ Cultural Revolution in China
✉ Beijing Opera
✉ Matroska doll
✉ Ruudolf Koivu art postcards(and other similar)
✉ Mauri Kunnas art postcards
✉ Junichi Nakahara art postcards
✉ Seizo Watase art postcards
✉ Manga & Anime themed (shōjo manga style)
✉ Moomin (especially Japanese Moomin cards, Finnish ones welcome too)
✉ Tintin
✉ Unser Sandmännchen
✉ Studio Ghibli

I like illustrated postcards the most. If you can find me an illustrated postcard about some of the themes above, I have no words to describe how happy I'll become!

Only cards I absolutely DON'T LIKE, are:
✿SEASONAL CARDS(birthday, Christmas, Easter, etc.. except if it's vintage/retro)


Thank you for taking your time to read my profile till the end!
Have a great mail day!

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