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About Julie...

My name is Julie (not Julia!), I'm 36 and I live in the Finger Lakes region of New York state in the northeast United States. (I do not live in or near New York City!)

*Please do not send me any tea. I don't like tea at all. Please save it for someone who does.*

I've been Postcrossing since March 2006 and am currently ranked 11th in the US for # of postcards sent and 81st in all of Postcrossing. My mom (freckles5148) and sister (jeanco) also do Postcrossing *If you're sending me a card please be sure to include my name in the address as my mom & I both receive our mail at the same address.*

I work at Cornell University (http://www.vet.cornell.edu/baker) taking care of research animals including rats, mice and dogs. I even adopted 4 beagles and 1 beagle/cocker spaniel mix dog from work. Their names are Phoenix, Lady, Lexie, Potato and Dottie. They are my kids! Also, check out http://animalheroes.naiaonline.org/ and if you're on Facebook please 'Like' https://www.facebook.com/homesforanimalheroes/ This is an organization that finds homes for research animals.

I was born & raised on a farm and currently have 5 cats, 5 dogs, 35 goats (boers & kikos), chickens and I adopted an Arabian horse (Tesla) and a pony (Petunia) also from Cornell.

My hobbies include:

-reading (favorite authors/series include Stephenie Meyer, Harry Potter, Robert Jordan, Terry Goodkind, The Hunger Games, Colleen Houck, Cassandra Clare and more)

-Watching TV/movies (current fav. TV shows include Survivor, Grey's Anatomy, The 100, iZombie, Survivor, Supergirl, Expedition Unknown, Mysteries at the Museum, River Monsters, The Flash and Outlander)

-Riding/driving my 2018 Polaris Slingshot SLR

I'm not picky about what kind of postcards I get. Please don't feel like you have to check my 'received' cards before picking out a card for me. I've received multiples of cards but don't mind it. I actually like the thought that more than 1 person in the world has picked out the same card they think I will like. :-) I like a variety so I'll be happy with anything and everything. Holiday cards are more than welcome too. Some of my favorites include:
*M.C. Escher (or similar surrealism)
*Ivar Rodningen
*Baseball (or other sports & the Olympics)
*Entertainment themed (movies, TV, singers, etc.)
*Beatrix Potter
*Tractors, I prefer older tractors and steam engines over newer/modern tractors but will be happy with any (especially John Deere).

*My "favorites" is a wishlist of cards I'd love to get. Maybe you have one of them you could send? Let me know if you send me something that's a favorite so I can remove it.*

If you send a card to me and it gets close to the 60 day expiration time, feel free to send me a message with the ID and I'll be more than happy to register it.

I'm sorry but I am no longer able to do direct/private swaps due to postage rate increase

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