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About Joan...

Postcrosser from Czech: Kristina (7 years old) , I got your postcard, but you didn't write the postcard ID on it. Please message me to register this postcard!! :)
Hi, my name is Joan. (the right of the photo)
I am a 21 years old college student major in Animal Science now.
I want to be a vet in the future. If you're a vet or you also want to be a vet, welcome to share your experience with me. :))
I have a parrot, and I plan to keep a golden retriever after graduating from college.
Additionally, I enjoy to be a volunteer in animal shelter. I LOVE DOG SOOOO MUCH.
My hobbies are traveling, reading, music, keeping animals, and BASEBALL.
I love to play the violin, it's my favorite instrument, and I have already learned it for 12 years.
I usually watch the baseball game in my country, but I also watch MLB sometimes.
My favorite baseball players are Ichiro Suzuki and Wei-Yin Chen. If you know them, tell me please! :)
I am happy for any postcards, but if you have time to choose one, here is what I especially like:

- Your country city views
- Baseball culture in your country
- Violin's postcard
- movies/classical music
- Endemic animal species in your country
- Animal's postcard (birds card/dogs card/wild animals card/pet card)
- funny or interesting postcard you like

Besides, I prefer cards written, stamped and informative, not just " happy postcrossing " :)
And don't send AD cards / handmade cards to me. I send the real postcard to you, I hope I can get the real, too. :)
Please feel free to talk about your hobbies, anything about animal, or what you are thinking during writing the postcard.
It's also welcome to teach me some words in your language! I would be happy and enjoy learning it.
I would like to know more about what you do, what you love, points of interest in your country.
MOST IMPORTANTLY, don't forget to add the date, just so I can see how far it took for your postcard to arrive!

若是懂得中文的朋友也歡迎用中文寫明信片給我 :D

Now I am preparing an important vet exam, if you can, please write somethings to encourage me.
Thanks in advance and happy postcrossing!

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