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About Jo...

*sorry for people who wants swap with me. I just stopped receiving swap. nowadays I become more busy and so many swap makes me panic. I want to make long relationship not just one swap. so if you want reallyX1000 swap with me, then contact by facebook :)

Hello guys!
My name is YeongJi and I'm from Korea!
I'm 22 years old. I'm a student and my major is 'media-communication' simply 'Journalism' and History. so I have a lot of interests of countries. especially history, and culture!
I was born in 'Daejeon' and now I live in Seoul(the capital of Korea)
Welcome everyone!

I traveled....
Japan twice, China, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Nepal!
I just finished travel to Mongolia! I stayed in Mongolia about 2 and half weeks. I played with Mongolian kids, and I made many good friends all over the worlds. (I participated in the program named 'WORKCAMP'.)

nowadays, I study French quite hard. next febuary, I will go France to study French for 1 year. so If you're French or good at French, please write postcard with it. :)

I like postcards....
1)your home itself- postcards with beautiful scenes or representive things.landscapes I love them!
3)People - pop stars(no K-pop^.^) actors, actress, philosophers, musiciens.... etc
4)nowadays I fall in love with France, Nepal! but I love all countries and cities!
5)mountains - I love mountains with snow.♥3♥
6)maps of your country
7)aurora - my big dream! someday I will definitely see it!
8)movie or musical poster

I love all kinds of language~ whatever you speak languages,
please note that in first line!

If you want to see me, please contact facebook!
I have lots of photos and my daily report in online~
facebook site:
and blog site:
sorry that these not provide English... T.T

Thank you for reading my wall ~ ^w^*

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