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About Juan...

I enjoy learning about cultures and languages, and I think that postcards and stamps are a great way to do it.

Send me your favorite postcard, I would be more than happy if you send me a postcard you would like to have for you and if you don't know which one to choose, maybe you can look for the one which has more likes in your wall. My only request is that I would prefer a 4x6in postcard so it can fit in my photo album, but if your favorite postcard is bigger, don't worry, it is still welcome.

I like poststamps too so I'll appreciate if you try to use as many as you can and of course don't put the postcard in an envelope.

If you don't know what to write think about the most original thing you have even got in a postcard, maybe a drawing.

If you feel like you want to share a little bit of your own experience, I would like to get the best advice you can give me, something that has always helped you to have a better life.

You can also write a saying or proverb of your countrya and in your language and explain it.

For example, this is one in Spanish:

"Agua que no has de beber, déjala correr"

Which literal translation means: the water you are not going to drink, let it run.

And this means that if you do not have true intentions on getting involved in something, such a relationship, then just do not get into it.

If neither of this options is the best for you, maybe you can explain me what the postcard means to you, maybe something special happened there. You can recommend me your favorite movie =).

I think those are enough options.

Thank you

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