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jkrcvt, United States of America


(or Janella) is a member in United States of America . She has been a member for over 8 years (3,193 days).
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About Janella...

I'm Janella and I live in Evergreen, Colorado, USA. I was born and raised in Denver. The mountain community of Evergreen is just minutes "up the hill" from the metropolitan area of Denver.

I am easy to please - just about any card will make me happy. I love cards that represent the uniqueness of your country, city or town. I register every card I receive, usually on the day the day I receive it (see the * below for what I will NOT register). There are a few things I would love to receive if you are able:

- castles (I've never actually seen one, but I love them!)
- any older or interesting buildings of historical significance
- the Eiffel Tower
- map cards of different countries
- if you're sending me something from New Zealand, I'm a huge Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fan, so anything related would be awesome!

*Please DO NOT send any depiction of nudity (*statues are ok*), bikinis, or anything else of an "adult" nature. Sorry, but I will not even register them if I receive anything of the kind.

I am 52 years old, have been married for 28 years, and have two grown daughters, and a 1.5 year old granddaughter). My hobbies and interests include animals, history, movies, reading, cycling, walking, baking, and photography -- just to name a few.

I have never done a lot of traveling as I am somewhat of a homebody. I have been around the States (everywhere except the most of the south [I've visited South Carolina once], the northeast and Alaska), and I have been to Canada twice. I love reading and learning about other places.

**In May 2010 I started a postcard blog about the postcards I receive, just as so many other postcrossing users have done (I am amazed by the number of postcard blogs there are!). I only post the front of the card, and the stamps if they are interesting. I include any interesting information or tidbits the senders tells me, but do not post the sender's name, address if given, etc. Here is the link for my blog:

Here are websites that will tell you more about the city and state I live in: