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About Janet...

I was born in Guyana (a country in South America), but I've lived in the New York City borough of Queens since I was eleven years old. I like to read about travel to faraway places (an abridged version of Mutiny on H.M.S. Bounty was my favorite book as a child) and my dream is to travel the world one day. So far I've only managed to visit the Bavaria region of Germany, which was as beautiful and magical as I expected.

Here is a list of the types of postcards I especially like:

- tourist typical cards depicting your country's most iconic or beautiful places (I love multi-view cards)
- festivals or holidays celebrated in your country
- scenes from fairytales, legends, and mythology
- illustrations from children's literature
- Memento mori
- castles, cathedrals, temples, and other old buildings or ruins
- the ocean, rivers, ponds, and other bodies of water (but please no scenes of people on a beach)
- thunderstorms, lightning, tidal waves
- Pre-Raphaelite art
- beautiful things like jewelry or porcelain
- peacocks
- flamingos
- mermaids
- flowers (especially blue/purple irises or aquatic flowers like water lilies)
- old fashioned circus or carnival or magic show art
- large dogs
- Xena Warrior Princess
- Mulder and Scully from The X Files
- Captain America or Black Widow from the Marvel Cinematic Universe
- Mont Saint-Michel (preferably sent from France)
- Taj Mahal (preferably sent from India)

I would prefer if you did not send me a postcard in an envelope. I want to receive postcards that have been written on and stamped. :)

And please NO parrots. I'm afraid of parrots and I find the sight of them upsetting due to multiple bad experiences with different people's pet parrots. This is not a joke, by the way.

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