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About Jess...


I was born in the USA, but when I married someone from Russia we started moving around the world. We got married in Hong Kong, and have lived in Russia (Saint-Petersburg), Serbia (Novi Sad), Czechia (Praha), and Germany (Berlin).

In October 2018, we moved to coastal Oregon; and in 2021, we're moving to New England.

I am obsessed with languages and can read many (I listed them from most to least fluent), so write to me in whichever language you are most comfortable, I can figure it out. Почерк на русском, тоже)))

Please don’t stress about which card to send me; I love all sorts. The back where you write is the most important part!

Here are some facts about me to get to know me better:

-I am a photographer. I develop my own film and fix old cameras
-My favourite musicians: The Beatles, Noel Gallagher, Joy Division/New Order, David Bowie, Кино, Молчат Дома, and Слава КПСС
-I play guitar, bass, and some piano
-I'm trying to grow all my family's food and we are vegan
-Bats are my favourite animal. I have a little bat tattoo on my neck that I named "Hooky." I also love foxes, hedgehogs, sheep, owls, ravens...all animals, really. Especially the "weird" ones
-I have a corgi dog named Lucy. She's named after Lucille Ball
-I have a black kitty named Veles. He's named after a Slavic god
-Cemeteries are my happy places
-I love all things spooky
-We celebrate holidays every 8 weeks or so to appreciate the turning of the wheel of the year. We are a pagan family.
-Autumn is my favourite time of year. I love the colours, the rain, and the big blankets of snow that come before it all turns to grey mush
-Sky blue and orange are my favourite colours
-I love to watch the sun rise
-I love the aesthetic of pretty much everything between 1850 and 1960. "Haunted Victorian Mansion" describes me well.
-J.G. Ballard, Terry Pratchett, and Fiona Macleod are my favourite authors
-Yuri Gagarin and I are both short and love space
-I press and dry flowers
-I love folk art like łowicz and гжель, and really adore art nouveau (like Mucha)
-I collect currency from around the world
-My favourite place on Earth is the UK (the whole thing).

If you want to use an envelope, I don’t mind. If you do, I’ll take the stamps off of it and put them in my stamp book; and if you want to include anything else from your country like things written in your language; currency; a teabag; or old transport tickets, I would love that. What may be normal or even “trash” to you is treasure to me. I also love to get handwritten letters. But none of that is required!

Please, though, write something on the card. The back is so special. You can tell me about your day, your favourite Beatle (mine is Paul), rant about a problem, give me 5 random facts about you...anything!

I look forward to checking my mail every day and can't wait to get yours! :)

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