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About Jessica...


I am getting a postcard from you, yipiiiiie ☺ Looking forward to it very much! I am like a child at christmas, every time I hear the postman dropping something in the letterbox! Haha...

Finding the right card for everyone is what I enjoy most about postcrossing. If you want to make me particularly happy, then here is what I like:

♥♥♥I would really enjoy a view of YOUR town/ region/ country. Anything is fine, but I especially love cards with photographed streetviews showing many buildings and people and cars ( Or aerial views (, any building, trainstation, airport, hospital... Anything really showing me your hometown/ -country and what life in your part of the world looks like; typical touristy things just as much as the rarer views like for example supermarkets or industrial areas ( Or how about funfairs, parades and flea markets of your country ( or Though I very much prefer singleviews, multiviews are okay, too. And if at all possible, please send an original photographic card and neither anything illustrated (no drawing, no painting, no art), nor reproductions or nightviews. Thanks ☺

♥♥If you do not have any of the above, you can also make me happy with cards of Dachshunds (like my avatar or see My husband loves old Volkswagen Beetle cars, maybe you have a card of one of those? 3D-cards (holographic, lenticular, Wackelbild), Star Trek-cards (not Star Wars), MODERN cars ( and WT make me very happy, too. Perhaps you have been to a themepark and got a card of some wicked roller-coaster? Or send a really, really very old ORIGINAL antique postcard from your region, you found at an antique's shop.

♥Also very welcome are special meet-up cards, postcrossing-maximum cards with matching stamps and map cards.

I don't mind duplicate cards! What you write, always makes it unique! (but no more )

Please, no envelop! Thanks.

IMPORTANT: Cards showing towns and similar, which are posted from any other country than their origin, feel wrong to me. With other motives I don't mind.

By the way, I am NOT much of a cat person at all, no matter how cute :-(

If it is not too much trouble, can you use nice, commemorative stamps? I do not collect them, I just think they beautify any card ☺


☞P.S. Folded cards (cut in half or not)/ homemade cards/ photos are not postcards. But this is a postcard-site, so please only send real postcards. Thanks.

☞P.P.S. If you can, feel free to write Polish or French (please write very clearly). Merci/Dziekuje!

☞P.P.P.S.An Deutsche Postcrosser: Bitte KEINE Karten von Harenberg und Grafik Werkstatt!

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