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janice215, Singapore


(or Janice) is a member in Singapore . She has been a member for over 7 years (2,707 days).
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Lat: 1.29, Lon: 103.85 | Google Maps

About Janice...

Hello, my name is Janice.
I'm glad to meet you here. I'm 36 years old . I live in Singapore with my husband and 8 years old son.

Although i don't collect stamp but i love to see many beautiful stamps pasted on the card.
Welcome to do some decoration with stickers, washi tape if you have time.
My preference as below. If you don't have such cards, No Worries, just send me your favorite cards :)
-Postallove Greeting from..series
Already have Poland,Taiwan,USA,France,Austria, Netherlands,Indonesia,Lithuania, Australia, Czech Republic, Finland, Belgium, Spain ,Japan, Luxembourg,Ireland,China,Kazakhstan,Turkey , UK, Germany ,Hong Kong , Italy, Malaysia, Ukraine, South Korea, Russia, Croatia, Canada ,Belarus ,Mexico ,Sweden, Thailand, Macau, India , Latvia ,South Africa, Brazil, Slovakia, Philippines, New Zealand , Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Switzerland, Malta. ( Faroe Islands & Chili arranged)

-WowCards ♥♥♥ -Now I have China, Japan, USA , Spain , France, Germany, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, Austria, Turkey, Netherlands, Russia, India, Hong Kong,Poland , Portugal,Belarus,Thailand.

-World Travel series from Nisan Taiwan ♥♥♥ - Now I have Taiwan , Austria, Korea,Japan, Netherlands, Turkey , China , Malta, Brazil ,India,Germany, Hong Kong, Macau, USA.(Belarus arranged)

-PHQ ♥♥♥
-Amandine Piu ♥♥♥
-Miffy ♥♥♥
-Virpi Pekkala ♥♥♥
-Pettson and Findus ♥♥♥
-Cat Breeds from Postallove ♥♥♥
-Paris cat by Valerie Michaut ♥♥♥
-Belly and Boo ♥♥♥
- Nicko Huang (Taiwan illustrator) ♥♥♥
-"Fat Ladies" by Anna saveleva varella
- Maxicard
-"Guri and Gura" from Japan children book's illustrator
-Uncle Cat by Korean illustrator
-Lali-riddle ♥♥♥
-Hello kitty
-Illustration of Shop fronts / Boutiques ♥♥♥(
-Illustration by: Irina Smirnova, Kate Dudnik, Susan Wheeler, Marija Smirnovaite, Ekaterina Babok, Sasha Salmina
-Minnie and Mickey Mouse
-Angry Bird
-Illustration of cats (No photo or anime )
-Cats by Alexander Maskaev
-Alpino Cat
-Cat by Isy Ochoa (Postallove )
-Blue Cat
-Kliban's cat
-Cat by Louie Wain
-Cat by Susan Herbert
-Cat by Tatiana Rodionova
-Cat by Tatiana Plovetskaya
-Cat by Kotovasiya
-Cat by Katarzyna Kalder
-Inge Look
-Lavender lady / Blue Bear by Yana Fefelova
-Lavender field
-Green landscape of your country (single view only)

My collection album:

Pls don't feel offended if I didn't put your card in my favorite wall. My favorite wall is my wishlist!

xxxxx I'm NOT interested in xxxxx
-NO Panta or Animals except illustration cat

**I like written and stamped card WITHOUT ENVELOPE. Thank you.