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j4c7, Australia


(or Jacqui) is a member in Australia . She has been a member for over 2 years (994 days).
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About Jacqui...

Hi - I'm Jacqui from Brisbane Australia

Firstly, I'm happy with any postcard, if it's interesting to you it's interesting to me. I've had some really lovely surprises so far so don't worry about reading further if you don't want to!

But, If you like more help, in no particular order, my interests & favs are:
• space, astronomy
• art, performing arts, music, theatres, circus - modern & vintage
• weather, aurora, rain, umbrellas
• geology, volcanoes, beaches, glaciers
• Antarctica
• bears, wolves & penguins
• architecture, maps, cityscapes/skylines, bridges
• doors, windows, keys & locks
- Olympic / Commonwealth Games
- gotochi (I haven't actually received one of these yet but I love the idea!)
• black & white photos, & photos with reflections or silhouettes
• Dr Who, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit, Star Wars, Game of Thrones etc (yeah, I'm a fantasy/SciFi geek)
- my childhood favourite authors - CS Lewis, Roald Dahl, Ursula Le Guin, Anne McCaffrey, Tolkien, Raymond E Fiest, Tim Burton illustrations & movies
- Van Gogh, Hokusai (I love those blues in starry night & the great wave)
- villains, heroes
• unesco sites
• maxi cards (maxi cards have a postage stamp on the front of the card matching the card theme, usually issued on the first day of the stamp release with a matching postmark - Australia Post usually release them with the new stamps. I send a lot of them as they are more cost efficient from Australia, so have a look on my sent wall if you want to check out some Aussie examples)
- or anything unique to you & your home

Or I thought maybe a monthly colour theme this year, send me something with the monthly colour theme:
April - happy / bright colours
May - black
June - aqua - blue/green
July - white

I really don't mind though - send me whatever you want to!

I love both sides of the card. I usually read your side first, love to see where you're from, what you've written, what stamps you've used, then flip it over. Please write whatever comes to mind, about yourself, your favourite quote, some current news item in your country, or about the pic on the front, or draw me a pic, :) it's so fun when I've managed to ignore the front & your side keeps me fascinated, then I flip over & see something amazing :)

Envelope is not required but ...if you have used stamps from your country that you are willing to send me please do, it will make me very happy as I collect stamps with my family & we love to receive them from overseas.

Really looking forward to receiving your postcard & I promise to enter in that id as soon as I can :)

And please, if you have time, take a look at my sent wall & favourite the ones you like. It will help me build a stash of more popular cards. Thanks!

PS - if you have any space / astronomy stamps from your country to use on my cards or envelopes they are my absolute favourite:) 💫🌟✨