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j3, United States of America


(or Jeannine) is a member in United States of America . She has been a member for over 2 years (856 days).
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About Jeannine...


i really enjoy sending and getting mail, it's a happy feeling of connection, wonder and possibility. It's something that has gotten me through some interesting and challenging times.

My days are pretty average, i do normal stuff, work, family, friends,home things and somethings just for me; reading, drawing and in general just making stuff.

my name is jeannine. i'm in my late 50's, i live in a blue house that from the outside looks like it should be a big house but on the inside, it isn't large at all. i think a lot of things are like that, not what they seem.

i live here with one of my sisters. in a moment of good sense we decided to pool our financial resources and buy a home. a cat lives here too. the cat is smart and funny, and sometimes sweet; mostly she's manipulative and inconsiderate of any other living being but i like her anyway.

my favorite color is orange but i am cautious about mentioning that anymore since the great Christmas citrus debacle of 1982. i said i liked orange but instead of new earrings or socks i got oranges.....from everyone! now i tell them my favorite color is paisley. and it's true i like most all colors except possibly ocher and on a good day even ocher has a place in my personal color wheel.

i keep a book of quotes, have had it since i was young. some are from famous and/or wise people but one of favorites is from my nephew when he was 5, he said, "Freeze! you can't escape the log arm of the lawn!" we were playing officers and bad guys at the time.

i read science fiction and mysteries. - honor to people who read to educate and better themselves, but i go for the fun and escapism almost every time.

i sometimes plant flowers but mostly i grow weeds. i don't mind too much though since without them the lawn would be a big puddle of brown and rocks. weeds are generous and helpful that way.

i'm not persnickety about postcards. I am happy to receive any postcard you would choose to send. Send something you find interesting, pretty or funny, or meaningful or silly, handmade or purchased. i will be happy with them all.

i don't have a scanner so i can't upload pics of the postcards i send or receive. maybe someday i'll get one.

i'm happy to be here, i think this is going to be huge fun.