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About Deb...

Hi Postcrossers!

I live in rural Oregon, U.S. on 13 acres of forestland. I write. I also locate next of kin for those who have died whose bodies are unclaimed because their family is unknown. I'm writing a book about some of those stories.

Each year I choose a word (or a word chooses me) to investigate and consider for the coming year. For 2018, my word is VENTURE. If you wish to send a card or write a greeting that represents that word, or tell me about that word in your language, I would love to receive such a card or message.

Otherwise, tell me: If I were meeting you for the first time, what might I learn? Tell me a mini story about yourself. Write to me about a book you are reading. Or explain the photograph on the postcard you chose to send me. What did you most recently dream? How are you different than your family or friends think you to be?

Some postcard subjects I enjoy:

writing letters, mailboxes, mail delivery
girl detectives
people at typewriters, old typewriters, printing press
cafes, street markets
primitive cabins, camping
Artists: Lali Riddle, Sam Toft, Irina Zeniuk, Gapchyns'ka, Inge Look, Jodi Ohl, Sunny Carvalho, Juliette Crane, Jane Filer
Cards in predominantly one color
Old books, book shelves, people reading
Water, raindrops, puddles, umbrellas
Doors, windows, portals
Headstones, burial plot, burial niche
Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Forks or Grays Harbor, Washington
People laughing
People frolicking

For nonpostcard tag or gift exchanges, I enjoy:

Unwritten Christmas and winter holiday cards (to use next year)
Kagi Swiss Chocolate Covered Wafers (So, so good!)
Vintage (pre-1970s) handwritten letters in original envelopes
Fountain pen, nibs, inkwell, scented ink
Intagio or forms to make wax seals
Large travel stickers
Tiny books
Antique or vintage curiosities (something interesting or unusual)
Small books with things tucked inside (pressed leaves, flowers, receipts, tickets)
Religious figurines or carvings, beads, prayer cards, flags, etc.
Small puppet or marionette
Nesting dolls
Anything old and curious

(Imperfect is okay. I like antique and vintage items.)

You can email me at iwritedeb@gmail dot com or join me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Patreon under the name iwritedeb

If you would like to connect on social media, please write your profile name and email on your postcard so I can find you!


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