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insp3ktor, Åland Islands


(or Marko) is a member in Åland Islands . He has been a member for over 4 years (1,680 days).
1,637 sent 1,616 received

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Lat: 60.10, Lon: 19.93 | Google Maps

About Marko...

Short version:
OTHER WISHES: political leaders, politics, beer, pubs, women, Unesco WHS, sceneries, military
- Please, use some beautiful (real) stamps :)
Thank you! :)

Long version:
Wow! Looking forward to getting a postcard from you! ☺

My major was International Relations/Politics at the University of Tampere. I have been working as a book publisher and before that as a teacher at the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Currently, I myself am on full-time study leave.

I am also one of the founders of Finnish Postcrossing Friends Association
It's a registered, nationwide association founded in October 2015. I was the first chairman of it, now I continue as a vice chairman.


✔ I adore written and stamped cards with interesting and/or colourful stamps. ☺
✔ Dated cards are really appreciated ☺
✔ I like cards the most as is, without envelope - I don't mind scratches or signs of travel and delivery

⌘⌘⌘ The most I appreciate view card of your own country! ⌘⌘⌘
(natural sceneries, mountains, lakes, rivers, sea, forests, national parks, villages, cities, aerial views, street views, skylines, harbours, street markets, night sceneries, Islands, Unesco WHS...)

I will be always super happy to get cards about:
♥ Political leaders: Mao, Obama, Putin, Lenin, Che, Thatcher, Chavez...... ☺☺☺
♥ Politics, propaganda ( ☺☺☺
♥ Women (sensual, non-nude ☺☺☺
♥ Keep Calm And... -postcards (
♥ Beer, bars, saloons, breweries ( ☺☺☺
♥ Black cats
♥ Maps and flags (
♥ Military (modern, history)
♥ Whisky ( ☺☺☺

Free advertising cards which fit perfectly to one of those topics and are made with good taste are always welcome on topics: ♥ politics ♥ beer ♥ women.

I try my best to make recipient's day by picking up a nice postcard from wish lists if possible. I do always use colourful stamps on postcards and do my best to catch a nice clean hand cancellation or special cancellation.

Have a great day! :)




I have been cheated far too many times. I'm sorry, nothing personal, the number of cheaters compared to successful swaps is just too high. 9 out of 10 I never got anything back.

I DO NOT reply to any swap requests here, only on the Facebook page above.