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About Kimi...

Hello. My name is Kimi and I live in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia. I love reading, blogging, watching movies, listening to music, and yoga. I have interests in Psychology, evolution, cosmos, astronomy, history, culture, philosophy, and many others. Well, basically I'm interested in, like almost, everything. And I'm such a huge fan of Rafael Nadal! I love him so much! ❤️❤️❤️

When I was a kid I had some penpals. I loved writing letters and collecting stamps. As I grew older, I forgot those hobbies and I lost all my stamps collection. Postcrossing brings back those memories. So now here I am.

I also come to Postcrossing with goals in mind which are learning about other cultures and making friends with people from countries around the world that I probably will never visit. Postcrossing is the cheapest way to get myself there.

I will love any kinds of postcards that you send me, but please don't send them in envelope. I'd love to receive written and stamped postcard. If you don't know what to send, here are just some ideas (in no particular order):
- your town/country landscapes
- monuments or heritage building in your country
- traditional festivals (from your country of course)
- traditional costumes (again, from your country)
- Postcrossing postcard and stamps
- maxi card
- traditional/local food or recipes
- movies
- scenery
- illustration/drawing
- space, galaxy, planets, or stars
- famous figures (presidents, scientists, historical figures, actors, actress, musicians, athletes, etc.) from your country
- animals in wildlife
- everything that is related to your country or cultural background
I prefer single view card to multi view card.

No pressure, though. Like I said previously, I'll love any kinds of postcards that you send me. A postcard from you will definitely make my day and will make me smile from ear to ear. What matters is please tell me about your postcard. I wanna learn from it.

If you don't know what else to write, you can write about your work, your family, your pets, your fave movies/songs/books, your hobbies, your dreams, your phobias, your celebrity crush, your secret perhaps, or anything else you want to tell me I'd be so glad to know! Don't forget to date your postcard and specify the time when you write the postcard.

I always document all received postcards on my Instagram. You can follow my account if you want. That way we'll always stay connected. I really hope we can be friends both online and offline.

Let's fill the world with lots of love and put smiles on everyone's faces by sending postcards. May peace be upon us all.

Best wishes to you all and Happy Postcrossing!

p.s.: I do not register postcards that I haven't received.

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