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About Irmina...

I love lavender and my favourite color is purple :) I collect empty Starbucks cards so if you have any that you don't use anymore I'd be very happy to receive it :)
I always register postcards same day they arrive! :)

I like:
- Nouvelle Images
- Alice in Wonderland
- Krtek
- Moomins
- Le Petit Prince
- Winnie the Pooh
- Coca Cola
- Kotovasiya
- Anne Taintor
- nude/erotic/gey/lesbian (photos only, not painted nor "funny" cards, please!)

I also like:
+ british/London themed
+ french/Paris themed
+ flower faeries
+ black&white, also with color elements
+ vitage advertisements/posters reprints
+ pin-up
+ The Simpsons
+ Smurfs
+ Harry Potter
+ Lion King
+ other Disney (but NO PRINCESSES!)
+ Garfield
+ Betty Boop
+ Gotochi cards
+ Taiwan shaped cards
+ Where's Wally (Waldo)
+ lavender
+ stap postards (eg PHQ Royal Mail)

If you don't have any of this I'd love to recive a singleview from your country, because I collect them as well - I'd love to have at least one viewcard from each country! :)
And I really prefer a viewcard than anything else that is not on lists above!

- ad/free
- religion
- Christmas/Easter
- folded (if you want to send me a folded card, please cut off the back and send me just front of the card as a postcard :) )
- multiviews
- selfprinted
- childrens/cute/funny

Please, write something more than "Happy postcrossing" ;)

**sorry, I will NOT register postcards that I haven't recive!**

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