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About Inês...


I'm Inês, 29 y.o., from a little town just outside Lisbon, Portugal, and I love travel, so why not travel by the postcards I might receive from you?! (if you don't want to read more, short version is that I prefer to receive touristic cards! show me your country!!!! )

Write me something about you (what do you do? your hobbies? what books you read? what movies you like? ...), about your town and your country (so I can visit it someday) or whatever you want! But please something more that just 'Happy PostCrossing'!

To avoid send me a card I already have, you can check the touristic cards I received here:
If you look at my favorites you'll see some postcards I don't have yet, but I'd love to receive!

****** I would love to receive postcards with: ******
-- UNESCO WH sites (I collect them, but most of them are missing!) -- my missing ones:

-- libraries from around the world

-- sights of your town/country (castles, churches, lighthouses....)

-- maps

>>> I prefer not to receive hand-made cards. Keep them for people that like those. <<< Also, greeting cards aren't postcards, try to avoid them, please!

I also collect bookmarks! :)

** I like my cards written and stamped, but so many arrived to me damaged, so, if your card isn't ''normal size'' and if isn't more expensive and don't bother you, please send me a written card in an envelope. Thanks **

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Expired cards... and some more...
PT-431515 to China (10/2015)
PT-464774 to Russia (05/2016)
PT-478903 to Taiwan (09/2016)
PT-482465 to India (10/2016)
PT-518003 to Russia (05/2017)
PT-524601 to China (07/2017)
PT-529348 to USA (08/2017)
PT-558512 to China (03/2018)
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