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About Ineke...

Thank you in advance for sending me a postcard! You should know that you will make me very happy as soon as I hear the mail falling through my door!

I hope you can tell me something about yourself and/or the place where you live. Maybe you can tell me what your favourite song, quote, place is or what makes you happy or sad. Or tell me what your biggest wish or secret is... But most of all: Feel free to write whatever you want!

Me, I'm a 33 year old woman. Living in Gronigen which normally is an alive city in the north of the Netherlands. I live here with my cat Mel (named to Melbourne where I lived for a while). I'm teaching social studies and drama at a highschool and I'm working in a restaurant! Yes two jobs. Next to that I make art (linoprints and photography), I am learning Spanish and I love to travel and meet new people. I've been to many places. The world is so beautiful and full of wonderfull peoplel! I'm so sad that duo to Covid it's not possible to travel, so hopefully I can see the world a bit through your eyes!

If you need some idea's for cards to send:

-Black and white photography
-Illustrations (drawings, digital art etc.)
-Frida Kahlo
-A picture of your local food
-A picture of your local inhabitants/houses/animals
-A single view from your country/city

I'm looking forward to meet a little bit of you!

Ps. I encourage you to write in Spanish or Swedish because I am trying to learn these languages 😊

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