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Hi Everyone!

My Blog: www.iainscathedrals.com

** Received a card today (4/3/17) from Russia with ID RU-3802799 with nothing written on it. Postmarked from Krasnoyarsk on 21/2/17 but this ID dates to around June 2015!! Many thanks to the person that sent it**

I'm a 48 year old guy, and I live and work here in Aberdeen. I love to meet and speak to new people and have got back into the way of writing letters and postcards.

I love to read, listen to all forms of classical music with my favourite composers being Sibelius and Shostakovich and to travel to different countries. I especially enjoy finding out about a country's history, culture and it's people.

I'm looking forward to receiving many different cards from all over. I'm happy to receive anything you'd think I'd like. Have a look in my favourites - this contains cards I would love to receive but also some received favourites!

Here are some ideas if you are stuck:

Churches, temples, mosques - I am totally in love with the various styles of Gothic architecture!
Flags (country)
Subway mapcards
Country Maps, State maps, city maps
Royalty and Famous figures
Old posters - travel adverts, movies, music
Soviet Communist Period posters and Artworks
Men: shirtless, erotic

Most importantly, only send views, buildings from your own country.

If you're from Finland, I love the Moomins and here's a link to the ones I have already: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152076587098807.1073741852.519518806&type=1&l=407fca1372

Here is my Facebook page if you want to become friends:


Take care and have fun! :o)

Expired cards, unfortunately they do happen but the most upsetting fact are the Postcrossers who give up and don't bother closing their accounts down :o( :

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GB-887947 Vadimola Ukraine 22/Apr/2017
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GB-890005 The-artsy-bird USA 29/Apr/2017
GB-890001 davidr France 29/Apr/2017
GB-892632 Habi China 8/May/2017
GB-906339 cihankoral Turkey 25/Jun/2017

GB-1034106 Darina_Mityugina Russia 19/Aug/2018

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