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About SynDee...

Hello there!

My name is Syn Dee. I'm actually from Malaysia! I found myself in the USA after coming here to study Civil Engineering at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, USA. I've since graduated and I'm currently working in construction!

My hobbies are reading, traveling, but mostly I love to write. I learned horseback riding when I was 10 years old. I am also heavily involved in the Tzu Chi Foundation here in Columbus and I devote a lot of my time to volunteering with them as much as I can. Have you heard of Tzu Chi?

I really love getting to know more about other countries - the culture, the people, the food, the places of interest, the history... anything at all. Most importantly, I love getting to know another fellow human being that shares this Earth with me. After all, the best way to achieve peace and compassion in the world, is greater understanding and positive communication among one another!

I can read English, Chinese (both simplified & traditional), and Malay. If you want, you're welcomed to write in any of those languages! Do remember to write the Postcard ID on the card and also the date of when the card is written so I can keep track of my cards better.

Here is a list of cards I’m fond of receiving but I am fine receiving all kinds of postcards so don't worry if your card is not on the list! These are merely suggestions/ideas and they are in no specific order!

- Food
- Culture & Traditions
- Architecture
- Historical sites, buildings or facts
- Myths, legends, and local folklore, folk stories
- Major past or present events/historical events (e.g. anniversaries, milestones, ceremonies, big festivals, the Olympics etc.)
- Maps / World Maps / Flags
- Currency
- Stamps
- Typography & illustrations
- Scenery & landmarks
- Quotes
- Humorous and weird or unique-looking/unique-shaped postcards are great too!

The stamps on the cards play an important role to me and I pay attention to them to learn more about your country too! So if you've got unique stamps, know that I appreciate them as much as the postcard themselves.

Message ideas:
Tell me about anything you like! Yourself, your family, your country, your people, the things you like to do, the place you live in, something interesting that happened lately, a local story or famous folk story/myth/legend, you hopes and dreams for the world, or teach me a phrase or two of your language if it's not one that I can already speak. Or go crazy and write a poem, some quotes or even draw some art on it. Express yourself in any way you like!

Most of all, thank you very much in advance for your postcard! I look forward to getting it in the mail - I know it will definitely bring me joy and make my day.

Happy Postcrossing!
My warmest regards to you - have a great day and take care! :)

- Syn Dee

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