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About hertevoete...

Grateful follower of the Truth, the Way and the Life. Always looking to learn something new and help, where i can...

I enjoy creative stuff (like making friendship bracelets, crochet owl bags for girls, creating promise & blessing books, writing, etc.), play the occasional game or two (like Sudoku, Ratchet & Clank, etc.), and love spending time with the special people in my life. Tea is always a treat.

Here are some things I love (also look at my Favourites for ideas):
* nature scenes (clouds, sunset, sunrise, trees, flowers, sea & beach, mountains, volcanos, waterfalls, extreme weather, rainbows, deserts, autumn leaves, snow, ...)
* birds, butterflies & elephants
* handmade originals
* photos of your city/country
* stamps, letters, writing ^
* different types of transportation (bicycles, cars, busses, aeroplanes, trains, ...)
* teddybears
* lego
* stained glass windows
* doors & windows
* flags
* old buildings (churches, castles, houses, ...)
* landmarks/monuments (and bridges, walls, gates, windmills, lighthouses, ...)
* postboxes, telephones
* collections of things (keys, cups, fruits, vegatables, bread, spices, chocolates, hearts, coins & notes...)
* color coded cards (all things blue, red, ... any color really)
* music instruments
* old books
* geography / maps
* cameras
* shoes, suitcases
* umbrellas
* silhouettes
* gymnastics / diving / dancing
* faces from around the world

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Happy 'postcrossing' :)

^ PS I've always been interested in different languages - it would be great if you could include a translation to English where there is something written in native languages on the front of the postcard.

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Jan23 2017 - Received a postcard today, which was posted 10 August 2015 from Gosia. Its expired and I'm unable to register it. PL-1102714 Thank you Gosia for the pretty beach postcard and lighthouse stamps. ❤

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