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About Christina...

☮ P O S T C R O S S I N G ☮
There are too many conflicts in our world but postcrossing shows that we are not prejudiced against strangers and want to make friends all over the world. ♥

❀ M Y L I F E ❀
My name is Christina and I live in Hamm. I have one husband and four rabbits that I adopted from a shelter (the rabbits, not the husband). I am a surveying engineer and work in the agricultural land consolidation. You don't know what this is? No problem, before I started there I did not either know that something like that exists. :D I like to go swimming, jogging and biking. Since a long time I am running halfmarathons and some time ago a friend convinced me to take part in triathlon competitions with him. I always give my very best and sometimes I win. Okay, most of the time I am the loser of the day, but it is always a lot of fun! The important part of sports is that I can spend my freetime in the nature. I love nature! That's why I also like geocaching (insder can discover TB Ludmilla: FZ7XJD). When the weather is bad I love to do handcrafts and upcycling and can't sit still without knitting or sewing something. I love to see foreign countrys and get to know different cultures, so I spend every € I earn to travel in our little caravan.

✯ M Y H O M E L A N D ✯
I grew up in the metropolitan area "Ruhrpott", a multicultural region, famous for coal, steel and beer and its industrial heritage. We were born on coal with steel in our veins. There are a great cultural scene, festivals and sport teams (like Borussia Dortmund). From time to time I moved more and more into the country side because it is nice to be surrounded by the green, with forests and lots of acres and meadows. At heart I am a country bumpkin. :D

✉ P O S T C A R D S ✉
It's time for Christmas cards! ;-)
You don't like those people who order specific cards in their wishlists? Okay! Chose whatever you want, I will be happy to get surprised of the card you send to me and to read why it means something to you or why you think I might like this card.
Do you like those people who help you to find a nice card and write their favourite themes in a wishlist? Okay! Maybe this list gives you an idea of what I especially like: coffee, natural landscapes, Alice in Wonderland, elephants, squirrels, animals from your country, Snoopy and the Peanuts, (state) map cards, old airplanes, seaplanes, Polacards, Edition Tausendschön, Bookcards. Or have a look at my favorites.
Liebe Deutsche, ich besitze hunderte Ansichtskarten diverser deutscher Städte von A bis Z. Es wäre nett, wenn ihr mir ein anderes Motiv senden könntet. ;-)

✎ L A N G U A G E S ✎
Du kannst mir auf deutsch schreiben. Tu peux m'écrire en français. Ты можешь писать мне по-русски! You can write in English.

ツ G L Ü C K A U F ! R E G A R D S ツ
I'm looking forward to your card!

PS: If you have a card with a violin please send it to "Philipp" instead of "Christina", my husband is a passionate violinist. :-)