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About Hanna...

Hello there :)

I'm Hanna, living in green and quiet suburb area just north from our lovely capital, Helsinki with my boyfriend and our two cats. I could say I'm kind, quite positive, happily weird, maybe little bit lazy, definitely curious and stubborn planner addict. I work in home for elderly as a practical nurse and I like it really much. Practical nurse is not "in use" everywhere, are there practical nurses in Your country? One far away dream for me would be working abroad, I just wouldn't want to study nurse, it takes three more years. But who knows, maybe few years from now I find the spark? :)

My hobbies are - besides postcrossing - geogaching, photographing, travelling and the newest; Pokemon go. Details caughts my eyes, I love to photo walls, tiles, windows, shadows, things in the ground.. in black&white.

Weather doodles would make me really happy, could you do a little doodle for me?
I am also curious about what happens in the World, how are You?

Languages are difficult for me, althought I would love to learn many. Maybe you could teach me how to say ”hello” and ”thank you” in your language?

I am also a fan of animations, especially Lilo and Stitch and Studio Ghibli's movies. Kiki, our second cat, got her name from the movie Kiki's delivery service. I couldn't name her Jiji, like the cat in the movie, because Jiji was black and our other cat, Mila, is black, so it would have been just wrong :D

I'll be happy with every card you send, but like most of us I have some wishes too:)

-Touristic cards (one-view)
-Tattoos, tattooed people
-Animated movies, cartoons
-Fantasy themed
-Anatomy,nurses,skeletons etc
-Owls (illustrated, b&w photo)

(these are not in specific order)

Please, don't choose Your card only from my wishes or favourites, because in that case I might miss out that awesome card, which you had in your mind for me! :)