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About Asima...

~ about me🌻
I am Asima: a student and environmental activist from Bosnia and Herzegovina who loves nature, animals, plants, flowers, a good book, music and a movie. I also love to travel, take photos, hike, ride my bike and write letters.
My favorite book is The Little Prince, and my favorite movie is Into the wild (Alexander Supertramp). I’m also a big Harry Potter and Moomins fan.
I try to live a low (zero) waste life and have a plant based diet. I also like to do some yoga.

~ about postcards 💌
I love meeting new people and new places around the world. So, feel free to leave a little text about yourself or your town, to stick some stickers, stamps, and washi tapes, or even draw something on the postcard. I like creativity, colorfulness and uniqueness. My postcards are always like that.
If you are not sure which postcards to send me, I would most like to have a simple tourist postcards of the place where you live, especially if they are vintage or artistic.
If you are sending me postcards that are not touristy, then I would like the postcards to be related to the things I love.
PLEASE, do not send me postcards with random pictures or inscriptions. It saddens me a lot when I see that someone doesn't make an effort!

~ and most important of all 💫
"Happiness only real when shared."

Private swaps are also welcome, but if you ask me first, I expect that you send your card first. I've sent too many cards with no card in return. Thanks for understanding. 🚀

If you want to exchange letters, stickers, washi tapes or some other little things with me, just let me know. 🌈

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