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About Hanna...

I would love to getting postcards in envelope if it's possible. Thank you. I'm also collecting stamps, if you have any stamps that you don't want, add them in an envelope with the postcrossing postcard. It's greatly appreciated. Thanks so much. I'd love to send you a card from Iceland as thank you for stamps ;)

NO multiviews postcards, please! Only "single view" postcards.

I'd love to receive:
* skiing/snows.
* camera/photography.
* Inge Löök's Granny, Alli and Fifi.
* swimming.
* unicorns, Pegasus (horses with wings).
* black & white.
* vintage/retro.
* Norman Rockwell.
* animals, esp. horses, owls, zebras, frogs, turtles, seahorses, reindeers, deers, elks.

* retro pin-up
* vintage posters/ads.
* capital cities, famous monuments.
* artsy, cartoon, esp. creative or colorful ones.
* map with country/state/globe.
* rainbow.
* sweets, candy, cakes, cupcakes, ice-cream and other goodies.
* Converse.
* Pippi Longstocking.
* Jip en Janneke.
* Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, James Dean.
* New York City.
* Paris.
* something funny.
* old cars (Volkswagen Beetle and etc) and other vehicles.
* illustrations
* Coca Cola (vintage & retro)
* Pettson & Findus
* Monchhichi
* Barbapapa
* Windel Winni
* Pink Panther
* Where is a Wally?

and everything else from around the world. Thanks so much. :)

Please write something about yourself, your city/country, your secret, your dreams and etc. And also write some sentence in your language with english translation. I would really appreciate it if you could write the date you sent the card, as well as the temperature.

Please, no ad cards (vintage ad cards are welcome), no handmade, homemade, cliché, multiviews, New Year's or free cards. And pretty please, no churches and flowers. Thank you. :)

Check out my favorites cards to give you ideas :)

P.S. If your card is not registered in time, please feel free and ask me for it. Because I usually register every postcard which I receive it, as fast as I can. So if I don´t register it, I guess it was lost.


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