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About Dominik...

I live in Wrocław, the capital of Lower Silesia.
info --> http://www.wroclaw.pl/en
My hobbies are:
I listen to different kinds of music and read books (primarily travel and psychological books)
I also have dog - it's Golden retriever, called Tofik and aquarium plant...

Some of my favorite things are...

- maybe some nice stickers;)
- Moomin: I do not have any one:( pls with Little Mi:)
- city/country where you live - (especially nigthviews),
- nature (sunset, lakes, waterfalls, forests, seaside, mountains, aurora borealis etc.),
- sky, clouds, rainbow, moon, stars, night views,
- aquarium plant, fish tank (Takashi Amano),
- roller coasters,
- vintage, black/white,
- lighthouse and windmills,
- bridges
- ships, boats,...
- famous building, panorama street views, old streets
(Statue of Liberty or Time Square if you live in America please)
- wild flowers, lavender field, sunflowers
- cupcakes, sweet, candy, choclate,
- pin-up, (Enoch Bolles)
- Coca cola retro

I´ll be glad, if you write me something interesting about the place you live in, for example, who is famous lives there, something special is known of what your region ...
I like Malta, so if you are from this beautiful island, such a card would be great!! ;)
Please, don't send ad, free, handmade or Christmas cards.
Please add the date to the postcard.
Thank you for your postcards.

Best regards



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