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green-eyes, Canada


(or Christina) is a member in Canada . She has been a member for over 8 years (3,014 days).
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  • Birthday: 30th June
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About Christina...

Hello everyone!

My name is Christina and I just turned 50 in Cuba which was a dream for me! I LOVE life! I am tall and a bit too loud but I am a very gentle soul! I try to use all my senses...I love to laugh (yet I cry often), I love food and music and dancing and playing games and travelling and good friends and kissing and intimacy and Postcrossing and red wine and potato chips and so much more! There is not enough time to do and try everything is there?

I absolutely love mail! Ever since I was little, I would rush down the stairs to collect the mail as soon as it came through the slot.

I wish to travel as much as I can afford in my is what makes me happiest! I had the trip of a lifetime in 2014 when I went to Lebanon and got proposed to on top of the Cedars Mountains. Now I am happily engaged to the love of my life! We are waiting for my 17 year old daughter to finish high school before we marry. Being a mom to her comes first! I love him for that! We are planning for our wedding to be in Greece!
I have been lucky enough to travel to Germany many times (I have family there), as well as Cuba, Austria, Switzerland, England, Jamaica & the USA (Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, Nevada and Hawaii.)

PLEASE CHOOSE A CARD FROM MY FAVORITES LIST! I would love to receive anything from my favorites list! I don't like the "typical tourist" postcard - I prefer something a little more quirky and artistic :) SUGGESTIONS..
Art or quirky things***
People reading, writing or receiving letters****
Traditional customs/clothing/cuisine
People (with emotions, happy, sad, smiling, laughing, love)
Post office/mailbox/post related
Quaint streets, windows, doors, old villages.
Owls (paintings or art)
Birch trees
Donkeys, Hedgehogs
(OR for my daughter: Homestuck, Pokemon, Ponyo, Bojack Horseman or Deer.)

If you are from high member countries like Russia, Germany, Finland etc then I already have almost every tourist view...please try to find something else from my favorites. I really appreciate it.
***NO ENVELOPE please and NO FOLDED/NO GREETING CARDS!***NO multi-views please***I DO NOT LIKE anime, science fiction, sports, fantasy or vampires. Please save those for people who like them.

I WOULD LOVE for you to tell me one or more of these. A secret or what is your dream?
►What you wanted to be when you grew up
►What makes you laugh the most
►Something that cheers you up without fail
►Your favorite song or quote
►What is your favorite food?
►If you could meet anyone in history, who would it be?

I also like stamps, so any unique ones would be great. Please write directly on the postcard.
Feel free to upload the card if you wish, I appreciate it.

Thank you for reading this and I am really looking forward to your card! I wonder where it will be from?