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About Huang...

I’m a student and I love to get mail in my postbox:)

I would like to get

- tourist viewcards
- cards showing famous people in your country
- flags or maps
- (ancient) places of worship
- cards related to legends or myths of your country
- season greeting cards in your language
- coin or ticket of your country

These are only wishes:)
If you haven't such cards, doesn't matter.
Any other card is welcome, too.

I love learn things about new cultures, traditions and see photos so please write something about your country (you can send me postcards with photos of you're country if you want )I would love to learn some words of your language :DI'd appreciate it if you wrote something in your own language & the English translation.

Thanks for writing me!:-)
These are postcards I have now,if you like it ,you can send a private message to me and tell me which one do you want ,we can exchange.