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About Sabinka...

My name is Sabinka. I`m 39 years old. I have one son- Mikołaj.
I collect and swap unlimited mint (unwritten) post cards. I like postcards that show your country ( wooden architecture, windmills,traditional culture ), lighthouses, interesting places (UNESCO), landscapes (Greek, Italy, Santorini,Egypt, Monaco, Gibraltar, Japan, China, India,Malesia,Singapur etc) national costumes, castles, art, (Gaudi, Park).
I love cards Marlyn Monroe, George Michael, Charlie Chaplin, Beatles, Elvis Presley.
I collect also phonecards and stamps from around the world;)If you want send in envelope postcard and phonecard ,it will surprise.
Thank you!
My favourites:
PLEASE PUT YOUR CARD IN AN ENVELOPE! I need your card to be safe and clean: NOT cracked,dirty and rumpled. I prefer to receive my postcard unwritten and sent in an envelope, with a note of hello or telling about the card on a separate piece of paper.
Please, don't send postcards from other country than yours!
No Christmas, Easter, handmade and ad-cards please.
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