fisser, Netherlands

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About Ada...

I am very pleased with any card, my hobby is photography especially flowers, gardens and statues, lighthouses - I am interested in all kind of culture of your country.Please send your card in an envelop - thank you in advance.
I am a collector of bookmarks, are you also a collector and you like to swap - let me know warmest regards ADA
I would prefer my cards in an envelope if it does not cost you extra as the envelopes are protecting the cards on their travels.
expired cards:
-2158313 Valenceto Bulgaria Bulgaria 31/Oct/2013 1,933 km 61 days Expired
NL-2144985 nepramen Belarus Belarus 25/Oct/2013 1,643 km 68 days Expired
NL-2058038 vosmay Russia Russia 11/Sep/2013 2,168 km 112 days Expired
NL-2003313 Julia_Wilder Russia Russia 9/Aug/2013 2,199 km 145 days Expired
NL-1840459 Yesska Russia Russia 28/Apr/2013 2,199 km 247 days Expired
NL-1821211 PhilEasy Germany Germany 17/Apr/2013 420 km 259 days Expired
NL-1812890 Leylaaa Germany Germany 12/Apr/2013 608 km 264 days Expired
NL-1781873 Igel_58 Russia Russia 26/Mar/2013 2,712 km 281 days Expired
NL-1766176 wolfi3000 Germany Germany 17/Mar/2013 623 km 289 days Expired
NL-1690125 fuzzi4 Germany Germany 4/Feb/2013 547 km 330 days Expired
NL-1690121 Katinka5 Germany Germany 4/Feb/2013 643 km 330 days Expired
NL-1657204 yozzh Russia Russia 18/Jan/2013 2,199 km 348 days Expired
NL-1657201 SisSan Germany Germany 18/Jan/2013 383 km 348 days

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