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About Loraine...

My name is Loraine (yes, with 1 R). I am 25% Japanese (my Dad is 1/2 Japanese from his mother and 1/2 Filipino from his father) and 75% Filipina (my Mom is Full Filipina from the Philippines). My Dad is from Hawaii, he went on vacation to the Philippines, fell in love with my Mom, and helped to bring her to the U.S. I am born and raised in San Jose, California. I have my Associate of Arts (2 year) degree in Japanese 日本語。I'm not fluent in it though. I have my Bachelor of Science degree in [Cisco] Network & Communications Management (I.T. - Information Technology). I recently got married to my husband in December 2016.

If you can, tell me how you found out about this postcard crossing project. I found out about it in the June/July 2006 issue of ELLEgirl magazine. Can you please tell me the story behind your postcrossing username? Thanks! Also, please put the date you written on the postcard / the day you sent it out.

If possible, do you have a postcard of your native dish/food? Tell me about it if you could. I love food and like to try new dishes when I can. What foods do you recommend if I do visit your country? Also, I like any kind of tourist postcards you have of your town. You can check the Wall of postcards on my profile to see which ones I have received already. If you have any cute postcards, then feel free to send it. Please, no erotic or nude/naked postcards.

I prefer that the postcard be written and stamped. No envelopes please, thank you! I also like it to be a postcard, not a greeting card. If your country has a Postcrossing stamp, I would like for you to include it on the postcard with a postmark.