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About fabibiche...

Hi to all my fellow Postcrossers out there

I am happy when I cruise through my city on my old bicycle
I am happy when snails haven't eaten all my vegetables
I am happy when I buy products directly at a farm
I am happy when I work in my pot garden l
I am happy when everything is colorful
I am happy when I discover new places
I am happy when I am in the tropics
I am happy when I drink tasty beer
I am happy when I try out new food
I am happy when I meet new people
I am happy when I drink a coffee
I am happy when the sun shines
I am happy when I work outside
I am happy when I see a cat
I am happy when it is warm
I am happy when I travel
I am happy when I dance
I am happy at the beach


I d love to hear from you what makes you happy. Whats your dream. We are all pursuing happiness and our dreams which is what unites us. Or: how would your perfect day look like?

Decorate the card, write whatever you feel like. Glue stuff on it. It can be handmade, it can have a weird shape. Surprise me with something special you wouldn't normally send. And I am more then happy to receive add cards which are from your favorite bar or food and so on. I want to learn from you and such cards show a part of your culture.

My birthday is in December. So I will be very happy about a birthday card, too

Ps: My favorite quote: "A stranger is a friend you've yet to meet". What's your favorite quote? Do you live by it?

Happy writing everyone

Ps: I m not so much into adding DOs and DONTs to my profile, but my wish since a long time is to recieve a Niffy or a Moomins card or Hello Kitty as it reminds me so much of my childhood. And I looove stamps. These little pieces of art fascinate me a lot. So I d love to receive special ones. Thank you so much!

Pps: I am very interested in swaps for creative postcards. P.e. Handmade ones.

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