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About Eva...

Specialist in Civil Law, working with teaching and writing. Interested in languages, literature and food. After more than 6000 Postcrossing cards I decided to change my preferences a bit. Any of the following will make me happy, but of course, you are not bound to them, they are there to help you to make a choice. I love to see people's wish lists myself, in order to send a card they like. Still, feel free to send a card you like yourself!

- Food (ready-to-eat or anything from the products to their marketing etc.). Japan - sushi and other typical food!! Food AD!
- Political propaganda of all kinds, old and new. Flags, coats of arms
- Religious symbols
- Children's books illustrations;
- Map cards - from USA and everywhere; symbols of the different States
- Skyscrapers, "real city" views... (São Paulo etc.)
- Native people in all parts of the world
- Beautiful aerial and street views are always welcome.
- Cards with metro (subway) maps or station pictures. Russians, Ukrainians, Belorussians, especially your magnificent Metro stations are something worth sending...
- Belarus - the wonderful series with the Fauna, Owls and Flora of Belarus!
- Dutch Postcrossers - your wonderful old art! Also Dick Bruna, Jip en Janneke. Old ships.
- German (also other Middle Europe) Postcrossers - multi-views with the name of the city printed among the pictures. But please, senders from outside Europe, preferably one-views!
- Postcrossers from China, the Great Wall is one of my special favourites...
- Taiwan - railway, Taipei City, nature...
- Australian and New Zealand animals
- Cartoons and humor cards, preferably with text in local language (but please national, no Disney, Hello Kitty etc.)
- Russians, Ukrainians, Belarus - if festive days, please, all of your gold and glamour in cards! All over the year, beautiful Orthodox churches are more than welcome.
- Eastern Europe - socialist history, posters etc... E.g., I have received two fantastic Hungarian cards of this kind, printed by Hungarian National Museum.

- I like beautifully stamped postcards without envelope. Also, PLEASE don't send self-made photos on photo paper as postcards, because they aren't postcards. And another PLEASE NOT - NO "cute" animals, dressed-up cats or dogs, kissing kids etc...

- Sorry, I don't scan cards. So if you will have them scanned, please, do it before sending.