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About Eunjin...

About Eunjin...Modify my profile
My name is Jang Eun Jin. I am from Korea and 56 years old in Korea. I am currently working in the environmental management department of the mart.
It would be great if someone wanted to make friends with someone from another country.
I like old pop and I like idyllic scenery and natural environment in the countryside. I enjoy reading fairy tales in English whenever I have time. I like simple novels and enjoy watching movies on Netflix.
I also enjoy snail pen pal.

Although I live in different cultures and environments with my friends in any country in the world, it is very interesting to exchange letters because I can exchange foreign cultures with each other.

Also, picture postcards from the 18th and 19th centuries, photo postcards, antique and antique postcards, or photo postcards containing architectural culture, cathedral, ancient, architectural culture, picture postcards, and ancient paintings of each country, that's it.
If anyone wants to study Korean or write a letter in Korean, write to me anytime.I promise to reply in Korean and English. If you can speak even one line of Korean, try writing a letter to me.Then we will help each other with language study.

Please put a stamp on the postcard and stamp it.
And I like stamps, and I like stamps that are culturally related to each country.
Tourist area, flowers, butterflies, urban scenery, natural scenery.I also like postcards with attractions in your fancy country.

If not, I would like you to put a postcard in the envelope and stamp it on the envelope and postcard. I like to exchange simple stationery.
By any chance, if you write a letter in cursive, if it's written a little slower, I'll help you read or interpret it .
I prefer your handwritten letter to computer printed letter.

or Victorian fashions or costumes or buildings of the time
Flowers, butterflies, classical costumes, classical architecture, ancient, ship, harbor culture, airplanes.Postcards containing cultures of many countries...
*You can let me know your email, Instagram, or Kakao Talk ID .
*Don't forget to use your post-crossing ID.
*My reply may be delivered a little late.

# This is my house address
My name is Jang EunJIn
Ssang-yong APT201don 1104ho Dongjin-lo 31 Beongli 51-18 Gwonseon-gu Suwon-si Gyeonggi-do 16378

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