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About Eugenia...

Warmest greetings from Indonesia!

I'm Eugenia Septhariani. Simply call me Nia. 25. Works as an IT Auditor/Consultant.

The most valuable in Postcrossing for me is the people, their warmth, emotion, expectation of surprise and wonder. So just ATTACH SOMETHING INDIVIDUAL into your card and it will be valuable for me.

* I'm starting to collect GF cards. So please send me those from your countries! My collection so far : Sweden, USA, Netherlands, Poland, Philippines, France, South Korea and Aland Islands

* I like unique postcard. I would be glad if you give me unique shape like round, puzzle card, or even 3D card. But still, every postcards is welcome.

* Basically any postcards is OKAY for me (handmade postcards or even ad-cards are welcome). But, I would be very happy if you give me a postcard with the picture depicting :
+ Sherlock Holmes
+ The Lord of The Rings Characters
+ Mythology creatures
+ Lotus flowers / sunflowers
+ Aurora borealis
+ Blue sky / blue sea / lake / clouds / rainbows :)
+ Outer space
+ Breathtaking castle or historical buildings
+ Urban architecture

If you are coming from this country, I'm really looking forward to get this :
+ Japan : Gotochi card, Disney, Himeji Castle, Tokyo Imperial Palace, Old Town Kyoto, Asakusa shrine, Sakura flower, Tanabata Matsuri, ARASHI or any Johnny's Ent. Boys
+ USA : Liberty Statue, Washington D.C
+ Russia : Kremlin, Mathryoshka, Cathedrals
+ Italy : Colosseum, Pantheon, Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain
+ Greece: Parthenon, Aegean Sea
+ Great Britain : Big Ben, Palaces, Double Decker, Trafalgar Square
+ Spain : Matador Festival, Sagrada Familia, Royal Palace of Madrid, Park Guell

* If possible and not troublesome for you, please TAKE THE POSTCARD INSIDE THE ENVELOPE and put :
+ new / old MINI STAMP SHEETS --> I'm a collector
+ a typical souvenir magnet from your country
+ your country's train ticket, exhibition ticket, etc.

* You could write (in your handwriting, please):
- Something about yourself
- Share your favourite quote with me!
- A phrase or a sentence in your native language (with English translation)

Last thing : please write the date and the register number CLEARLY on the postcard :D


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